yep its a gal and that gal is Ashmita

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Ashi A Is In Da House! mi frenz
wellz my name is ashmita and iof u dun like me den why are you loookin?

what are you lookin at ha ha ha

stop lookin
omg so ur still lookin

finally they've gone
so if ur still lookin you must be one of my friends or people i kno

as long as ur not racist thats cool
right on the right of dis page is mi sexiest of friendz vietau and sasha
the two ultimate guy magnets
my other site
well incase ur wondering hu mi best frends are,
they are
yogeeta and dats it
mi real close frends are
Viet Au and
Shimon and if u eva have a problem talk to them they'll be sure to help u out.

as for everyone else u obviously mean sumfing to me or why would i call u a fwend ha?

neways be nice to mi frendz or u wont like whats cumin to ya.

mi famili
a big sister & a bro

skool shit u seriously wanna kno more fine
fuk da teachers dere gay
i hate em sept well actually there is no exception
newayz what else in skool i'll get bak to u on dat shit
the onli thing nice bout skool is the galz there like shimon
tell me what u wanna kno

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